Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's in a name?


I was not ready to start this project until I had found just the right name. I wanted it to be simple but also to focus on the overarching theme of designing with re-used material.

I never really left the "play on words" strategy and kept coming back to two thoughts:

  1. Re-use + design = "Redesign". This one just didn't feel creative enough and too much like condemnation of a current design, so my mind kept shortening it to "Resign". Naming a blog dedicated to one of my hobbies "Resign" speaks to me about my current job in a way I usually block out of my mind. So we'll skip that one too.
  2. Re-engineering. A process by which, in my work, a project is changed either in its method of construction or its actual design generally to save some money (for better or for worse). Re-engineering led me to "imagineering", Disney's whimsical take on the engineering profession. Then it just clicked:
reclaim + imagination = reclaimagination

I am absolutely convinced the name will be the coolest thing on this space and its content will fall short of the lofty statement the name suggests. If I had the money, I'd trademark it and consider it the greatest contribution of my young life.

On a higher and more personal level, I believe "Reclaimagination" also stands for my pursuit of something lost along the boulevard of growing up.

On that note, I leave you with this, that, and one of these.

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