Monday, November 3, 2008

Hockey Headboard

This isn't as much a headboard as it is an installation piece. I am a big hockey player and this piece is made of 25 stick shafts from my career. This piece means a lot to me as each of these sticks carried a lot of memories and scored a few goals. Hat tip goes to my dad for storing these sticks in his basement (some for over ten years), while I tried to figure out what to do with them. I wanted to do something a little more creative that the typical hockey stick chair...
...and I could not bear the thought of someone sitting on or books covering these remnants of my hockey past that contained so much character, so I decided on something to showcase them that would cover the bare walls of my new apartment. I chose to cut the shafts at varying lengths in part because they reflect my physical growth through the years and also because this format showcases the evolution of how I taped my sticks (an art in itself, I am a short knob toe-to-heel kind of guy). The "hockey headboard" also shows the evolution of hockey stick technology as its chronology includes my first ice hockey stick (an Easton aluminum), fiberglass and graphite designs, many traditional wood sticks (my high school stick of choice), and a few fancy one piece composites (my college sticks of Ice Tartan fame). I made an MDF template for drill holes on the stick shafts and 1/4" threaded rod and a drop of thread lock on the bolts to tie the sticks together. Despite years of thought, this one was pretty easy to pull together.
TOTAL COST: ~$15 dollars, 10 Concussions
I am looking forward to making more hockey stick projects, I am just going to need to break a few more sticks. Something like this awesome stick chandelier at the NHL store in NYC?...


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Laura said...

This is so awesome. Paul and I both really like the headboard and the chair. Nice of Uncle Tom to store the sticks for you!